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Overall Conclusions

I like FundedNext. They have a great account dashboard, excellent trading conditions, and good customer support. The firm uses its own backend technology, has its own Metaquotes license, and with its ‘brand promise’ they guarantee fast payouts.

The only doubt I have about them is their IP address rules and their apparent eagerness to accuse profitable traders of copy trading with very ambiguous evidence. I of course cannot speak to the truth of the claims I have read from disgruntled traders online, but a lot of the reports I have read have been well explained and so I’m inclined to believe them.

Funding Models

Of the three funding models on offer at FundedNext I can only recommend the Stellar model. The Evaluation model is similar to the Stellar Two Step model but has time limits and a higher phase one profit target whilst being very similarly priced to the Stellar model, so I don’t see any reason why someone would choose the Evaluation model over the Stellar model.

The Express model has a high evaluation pass target at 25%, a low initial profit split of 60%, consistency rules, relatively high prices, and monthly payouts… I am struggling to find any value in the Express model and cannot think of a reason to recommend it.

Final Thoughts

So, my final thoughts are that FundedNext is overall a good firm and if you are going to trade with them I recommend the Stellar model. Be sure to trade from a single IP address and device wherever possible and be ready to prove your trading strategy and trade logic in case you are ever accused of copy trading.

I will continue to trade with FundedNext and will keep the channels updated with my progress and any issues I face with the firm.


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