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Welcome to our FundedNext Review. Over the past few weeks, I have been trading with FundedNext and looking into every aspect of the service they offer to traders so that I can provide the information you need to decide whether they are the right prop firm for you.

FundedNext is based in the United Arab Emirates, and they first opened their doors to traders early in 2022. The CEO is Abdullah Jayed and the company has a mission to “change the lives of 50 million traders around the world”.

My first impressions of the website are very good! The website is clean, easy to navigate, and full of well-written and clear information. The FAQ section is comprehensive and well-written, and overall FundedNext has a great reputation amongst traders.

Their Trustpilot score is 4.6 after more than 12,000 reviews, and other than a small number of complaints regarding accusations of copy trading and account management, I haven’t been able to find much to be concerned about.

Funding Programs

FundedNext offers three different funding programs: Evaluation, Express, and Stellar.

Each program pays 15% of the evaluation profit once the trader has made a 5% profit on the live funded account.

The use of EAs and trade copiers is allowed on all programs.

Funded account sizes for all programs range from $6,000 to $200,000, although if the trader chooses the non-consistency Express program the maximum account size is $100,000.

The scaling plan is consistent across all funding programs. To scale an account up by 40% the trader must make at least 10% profit in a 4-month period where the last month must be profitable and the trader must have received at least two payouts in those 4 months. Traders can scale accounts up to 4 million dollars.

funded next challenges


funded next challenge compare


As you can see from the funding program comparison table above, there are only news trading & weekend holding restrictions on the Express model and there are only consistency rules on the ‘Consistency’ Express model.

FundedNext pays the trader a 15% profit share from the evaluation phase once they achieve a 5% profit on their live funded account.

Trading Platforms

Currently, the trader can choose from Metatrader 4 or 5. If the trader chooses MT5 then there is an MT5 web terminal available from the account dashboard.

They also have TradingView available for traders on their free trial, with plans to roll the platform out to challenge and live accounts soon. This will be a huge hit with traders!

Account Dashboard

The account dashboard is excellent! Here is an overview of some of the dashboard sections:

Dashboard & Analytics

fundednext review - stats dashboard

funded next analytics

There are some graphs that show information such as symbol performance, PnL by Weekday, PnL by Hours, PnL by Order Type, and Win/Loss ratio but as my trading so far on this account has been terrible with 5 straight losses, my dashboard doesn’t currently show much in the way of useful information!

If I manage to recover the account I will upload new screenshots of these graphs to show how they look with more normal data.



The ‘Payout’ section of the dashboard is well laid out and informative. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet received any payout from FundedNext but if and when I do, I’ll upload an updated screenshot.

fundednext payout



There is a competition section on the dashboard that contains details of the monthly competitions held by FundedNext:

fundednext review - competitions


They have a nice selection of certificates available

Funded Next Certificates


There’s a very useful selection of tools available. The Trading Journal, built in Excel, is a very good free tool and I like the News and Equity Manager for MT4/5.

funded next utilities


There’s plenty to trade at FundedNext, whether you like to trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, or Crypto, they have you covered with a wide selection of symbols to trade!

funded next traded currency pairs

fundednext traded indices

fundednext traded commodities

funded next crypto trading

News Calendar

Infinity Points

Traders are also able to earn ‘Infinity Points’ by completing certain tasks such as posting on social media and inviting friends to Discord. Infinity points can be redeemed to claim rewards such as money off coupons which can be used to pay towards new funding challenges.


Trading Conditions


Spreads at FundedNext are very good, not quite the best in the industry, but very close!

((Screenshot taken at 07:48 GMT+1 on 03/03/2024))

fundednext review - spreads


The commission at FundedNext is also very good!

funded next commission


My experience so far is that trade execution is excellent, although I am only trading a $6K evaluation account at the moment so my experience might not be accurate for larger live accounts. I will update this section if I start trading a live account and if I start trading a bigger live account as well.


There is a good selection of payout methods such as Rise, Wise, Bank Transfer, Perfect Money, and Tether. And there’s a 24-hour payout guarantee that means that the trader will receive their payout within 24 hours of request and if FundedNext fails to meet this guarantee then they will pay the trader an additional $1000.

Customer Support

Fundednext customer support comes in many forms, from the website information that’s immediately available for the customer to read, to the social community, to live chat, email, and automated processes.

I have experienced a bit of a mixed bag with seeking support from FundedNext, and a look through the Trustpilot reviews shows that others have experienced the same.

I’ll start with the bad…

My first interaction with FundedNext customer support was via live chat:

Went on live chat in the UK morning, about 9 am. Waited 30 minutes for an initial response and then once an agent was assigned, after answering initial questions I was again left waiting for a response to my follow-up question… Not good. I waited more than 25 minutes for a response to a question in chat, and even that response was not complete. And then the agent closed the chat in less than 3 minutes!!

A couple of weeks later I sent an email asking some questions about how they manage trading volume and their IP address rules, which I think are a little ambiguous on the website, and as I write this it has been over 24 hours and I have received no reply or even an acknowledgment of my email.

I decided to head back on to live chat to ask the same questions during the UK afternoon and was greeted with a very quick response from an agent who answered all of my questions.

Automated processes for account creation and password reminders have been excellent. The website, as I have already mentioned, is also excellent, so overall I have to say that the customer support at FundedNext is good but not great. There is room for improvement, but it’s definitely not the worst customer support that I’ve experienced and I ultimately have been able to find answers to all of my questions and feel that I can trust the company.

Community & Content

FundedNext has an extremely active Discord server and they post regularly on YouTube and social media platforms.

The YouTube content largely consists of trader interviews, and across all social media channels, FundedNext is keen to push promotional content. They don’t offer much in the way of educational content.

I’m not sure what to make of FundedNext’s community engagement, they are a very popular firm and so they have a lot of active members on their Discord server, but I don’t see much evidence that FundedNext is actively trying to improve the performance of their traders and that’s possibly a little concerning, as I like to think that a well set up firm would be keen to educate traders to help maximise their long term profitability.

IP Address & Copy Trading Rules

FundedNext states that “it is recommended that traders use a single device with a unique IP address during their trading activities on our platform” and “If you travel or move to a different country FundedNext requires a valid document that can verify your physical movement to the new location”.

This does make me a little nervous. Many traders, including myself, use a trade copier that will share its IP address with potentially many other trading accounts. Traders also like to trade from abroad if they travel and it would be an inconvenience to have to prove to FundedNext that they are legitimately traveling.

When I asked on live chat about fundednext copy trading rules I was advised to use a VPS with a unique IP address so that I don’t fall foul of this rule. This isn’t ideal, but at least they’re honest about it.

Something that does concern me is the large number of reports circulating online from traders who have been accused of copy trading because a relatively small percentage of their trades have been similar to those of other traders. It’s difficult to know who to believe in these instances, as for sure there will be disgruntled and dishonest traders out there who are trying to tarnish the reputation of the firm because they’ve been caught cheating. Still, it has to be said that I don’t see the same number of complaints regarding other top firms such as FTMO or The5ers.

This is perhaps the only thing that makes me wary of trading with FundedNext.


I like FundedNext. They have a great account dashboard, excellent trading conditions, and good customer support. The firm uses its own backend technology, has its own Metaquotes license, and with its ‘brand promise’ it guarantees fast payouts.

The only doubt I have about them is their IP address rules and their apparent eagerness to accuse profitable traders of copy trading with very ambiguous evidence. I of course cannot speak to the truth of the claims I have read from disgruntled traders online, but many of the reports I have read have been well explained, so I’m inclined to believe them.

Of the three funding models on offer at FundedNext I can only recommend the Stellar model. The Evaluation model is similar to the Stellar Two Step model but has time limits and a higher phase one profit target whilst being very similarly priced to the Stellar model, so I don’t see any reason why someone would choose the Evaluation model over the Stellar model.

The Express model has a high evaluation pass target at 25%, a low initial profit split of 60%, consistency rules, relatively high prices, and monthly payouts… I am struggling to find any value in the Express model and cannot think of a reason to recommend it.

So, my final thoughts are that FundedNext is overall a good firm and if you are going to trade with them I recommend the Stellar model. Be sure to trade from a single IP address and device wherever possible and be ready to prove your trading strategy and trade logic in case you are ever accused of copy trading.

I will continue to trade with FundedNext and will keep the channels updated with my progress and any issues I face with the firm.

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