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FTMO – Available Trading Platforms

  Available Trading Platforms at FTMO FTMO traders are spoiled for choice when it comes to trading platforms, with Metatrader 4 & 5, cTrader, and DXTrade all available!   Learn

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maximize earning potential prop firm trading roi

Maximize Your Earning Potential

Maximizing earning potential, aka making as much money as possible, is about maximizing the return on your investments. Whether that is the investment of your time and energy working for

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prop firm trading execution
Strategy And Tips

The Silent Role of Execution in Prop Firms

Execution is an incredibly important part of forex and prop firm trading. This becomes even more crucial for intraday traders and scalpers. Traders with worse execution often see much worse

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scam prop firm
Strategy And Tips

5 Ways to Spot a Scam Prop Firm

In the world of trading, there are so many amazing opportunities. Unfortunately, there are some prop firms that try to take advantage of enthusiastic traders. Knowing how to tell if

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