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FundedNext 3 Programs

FundedNext offers three different funding programs: Evaluation, Express, and Stellar.

fundednext programs

Each program pays 15% of the evaluation profit once the trader has made 5% profit on the live funded account.

The use of EAs and trade copiers is allowed on all programs.

Account sizes

Funded account sizes for all programs range from $6,000 to $200,000, although if the trader chooses the non-consistency Express program the maximum account size is $100,000.

FundedNext Evaluation Program

FundedNext Stellar Program

Stellar One Step

Stellar Two Step

Stellar Lite

FundedNext Express Program



The scaling plan is consistent across all funding programs. In order to scale an account up by 40% the trader must make at least 10% profit in a 4-month period where the last month must be profitable and the trader must have received at least two payouts in that 4-month period. Traders can scale accounts up to 4 million dollars.


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