FundedNext IP Address & Copy Trading Rules

fundednext ip address and copy trading rules

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Unique IP Address Recommendation

FundedNext states that “it is recommended that traders use a single device with a unique IP address during their trading activities on our platform” and “If you travel or move to a different country FundedNext requires a valid document that can verify your physical movement to the new location”.

This does make me a little nervous. Many traders, including myself, use a trade copier that will share its IP address with potentially many other trading accounts. Traders also like to trade from abroad if they travel and it would be an inconvenience to have to prove to FundedNext that they are legitimately traveling.

Copy Trading Rules

When I asked on live chat about copy trading rules I was advised to use a VPS with a unique IP address so that I don’t fall foul of this rule. This isn’t ideal, but at least they’re honest about it.

Something that does concern me is the large number of reports circulating online from traders who have been accused of copy trading because a relatively small percentage of their trades have been similar to those of other traders. It’s difficult to know who to believe in these instances, as for sure there will be disgruntled and dishonest traders out there who are trying to tarnish the reputation of the firm because they’ve been caught cheating, but it has to be said that I don’t see the same number of complaints regarding other top firms such as FTMO or The5ers.

This is perhaps the only thing that makes me wary of trading with FundedNext.


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