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FundedNext Customer support comes in many forms, from the website information that’s immediately available for the customer to read, to the social community, to live chat, email, and automated processes.

I have experienced a bit of a mixed bag with seeking support from FundedNext, and a look through the Trustpilot reviews shows that others have experienced the same.

I’ll start with the bad…

FundedNext Live Chat

My first interaction with FundedNext customer support was via live chat:

Went on live chat in the UK morning, about 9 am. Waited 30 minutes for an initial response and then once an agent was assigned, after answering initial questions I was again left waiting for a response to my follow-up question… Not good. I waited more than 25 minutes for a response to a question in chat, and even that response was not complete. And then the agent closed the chat in less than 3 minutes!!

fundednext live chat

Email Support

A couple of weeks later I sent an email asking some questions about how they manage trading volume and their IP address rules, which I think are a little ambiguous on the website, and as I write this it has been over 24 hours and I have received no reply or even an acknowledgment of my email.

Chat Again

I decided to head back on to live chat to ask the same questions during the UK afternoon and was greeted with a very quick response from an agent who answered all of my questions.

Automated Notifications

Automated processes for account creation and password reminders have been excellent. The website, as I have already mentioned, is also excellent, so overall I have to say that the customer support at FundedNext is good but not great. There is room for improvement, but it’s definitely not the worst customer support that I’ve experienced and I ultimately have been able to find answers to all of my questions and feel that I can trust the company.


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