Prop Firms That Offer Salaries

prop firms offer salaries

Prop firm trading is becoming ever more popular in the online trading community and with this comes even greater opportunities for traders to skyrocket their trading careers. One way in which traders can benefit through working with prop trading firms is through salaries which are now being offered by some firms. This means traders can receive […]

What is The Best Alternative to FundedNext?

With such a large number of prop firms in the arena, traders are often overwhelmed by the choice of which to trade with.    FundedNext has been perceived as one of the top prop firms in the industry. They have three different programs, Stellar, Evaluation and Express. They offer capital of up to $300,000 and […]

What Is The Best Alternative To FTMO?

ftmo alternatives prop firm forex trading profit

There are now more prop firms than ever in the industry, giving traders a huge amount of choice as to who they wish to obtain their funded trading accounts from.  FTMO led the march in the prop firm industry for many years. However, now there are prop firms offering different trading conditions, different rules and […]

5 Best Strategies For Prop Firm Trading

prop firm best strategies trends swing news

There are thousands of different forex trading strategies out there. This can make it difficult to know which strategies would be suitable for your trading style.  Funded trading accounts usually have rules regarding strategies, drawdown limits, and daily loss limits, making it more important than ever to have a great trading strategy if you’re looking […]

Why My Forex Funds (MFF) Was Shut Down by CFTC

my forex funds mff fraud shut down

CFTC Charges ‘My Forex Funds’ with Fraud On August 29th, 2023 popular prop firm, My Forex Funds, was charged with “fraudulently soliciting customers to trade leveraged, margined, or financed retail foreign exchange, and leveraged retail commodity transactions”.    My Forex Funds received a freeze order which was active immediately, and has shut down all activity […]

The Most Reputable and Cheapest Prop Firm Programs- Under $50

The Cheapest Prop Firm Programs in the Industry We compiled this list of the cheapest prop firm programs available, to help you find what you’re looking for. Some of the programs mentioned in the list are unlimited time, and some have set time limits. For our article on prop firms with no time limit, click […]