Prop Firm Trust 101: Navigating Integrity

Navigating Integrity lack of regulation prop firm

A Highly Competitive Industry Should Be Good For Traders The online prop firm industry is highly competitive, a new firm pops up almost every day, but which firms are operating with integrity? For traders, competition between firms should be great news. More competition should mean lower prices, higher profit splits, more competitive promotions, and better […]

A Storm is Brewing in the US Prop Firm Industry

A cloud of uncertainty has descended upon US-based prop firm traders. An increasing number of firms are opting to cease offering new accounts to US traders, raising questions about the reasons behind this shift. In this article, we delve into the current situation, exploring the firms that have taken such measures and the factors contributing […]

Prop Firms With No Time Limit

prop firm programs with no time limit

The Rise of No Time Limit Challenges  As the trading industry continues to evolve and expand, traders are always looking for new opportunities to improve their skills and increase their profits. Some prop firms have recently started to offer programs with no time limit, allowing traders to work at their own pace and maximize their […]

7 Myths About Using a Prop Firm

Most Common Myths About Using A Prop FIrm There are a lot of myths that float around about online prop firms and their legitimacy. Most of these myths stem from traders having bad experiences with illegitimate firms, and misinformation about the costs. We’ve gathered the myths that we hear most often, and have combatted them […]

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Prop Firm

Choosing The Right Prop Firm If you’ve ever tried choosing a prop firm by googling ‘best prop firm’ you’ll know that there’s so much information out there about so many firms. Websites will throw out terms like “high leverage” and “high drawdown”, but do you really need those things? To be honest, there is no […]

What are the Benefits of Using a Prop Firm?

Prop firms have become an increasingly popular way of amplifying trading profit, and even allowing it to become a full-time profession. The most obvious benefit to trading with one is the access to capital, however, it doesn’t stop there. With that comes a plethora of other benefits. We’ve compiled this list of the benefits of […]