Maximize Your Earning Potential

maximize earning potential prop firm trading roi

Maximizing earning potential, aka making as much money as possible, is about maximizing the return on your investments. Whether that is the investment of your time and energy working for a company, or your all-encompassing personal investment in the financial markets. You should strive to maximize your earning potential.   A Good Percentage Return? A […]

What is The Best Alternative to FundedNext?

With such a large number of prop firms in the arena, traders are often overwhelmed by the choice of which to trade with.    FundedNext has been perceived as one of the top prop firms in the industry. They have three different programs, Stellar, Evaluation and Express. They offer capital of up to $300,000 and […]

What Is The Best Alternative To FTMO?

ftmo alternatives prop firm forex trading profit

There are now more prop firms than ever in the industry, giving traders a huge amount of choice as to who they wish to obtain their funded trading accounts from.  FTMO led the march in the prop firm industry for many years. However, now there are prop firms offering different trading conditions, different rules and […]

Online Prop Firms vs. Traditional Prop Firms vs. Retail Trading

Awesome, you’ve decided that you want to give forex trading a shot, but what to do next? Before you start trading you’ll have to decide whether you want to use an online prop firm, get hired at a traditional firm, or use a brokerage firm. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each and […]